Have you started your fitness journey before? Are you familiar with stressful training plans, restrictive diets and unrealistic expectations? Want to know your biggest reason for not being successful? Yourself. Our mission is to change that!


Dan Brady

Head of Physical Training

I help people to elevate their health by sharpening their mindset and enhancing their body.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

A warm and personable service that is accompanied by first-class coaching- all driven towards your goals, to get the most from your workouts for your body.

 Designed to help you understand your purpose, build brilliant health and integrate exercise into your life. All done virtually, with you in the driving seat.

My Journey


Hello! I’m Dan and I am Head of Physical Training at Form & Function, the personal training aspect of Garden Retreat Health. Here is a little part of my journey...

I have forever had a relationship with sports and growing up, becoming a rugby player was my number one aspiration. In truth, it was injuries that started my relationship with the gym; it was a shoulder operation that led me to my first gym membership aged 17.

Despite eating well and performing endless amounts of punishing workouts for years, I was not getting the results I was after; I realised I needed to learn to use my body more effectively. 

I began to train in a way that really challenged my muscles and my mind. I got educated on nutrition and started building the strong body and mind I had always desired. 

At 23 I had a serious car accident (see left), which left me out of action for some time. Despite this setback, using all I had learned, both mentally and physically I visualised where I wanted to be and started the repair process. Less than two years on and I had completed my second half marathon, I was physically stronger than when I started and mentally more resilient than ever. 

I am sure whatever stage of the journey you are at I can push you to the next level, straighten your focus and drive you to where you want to be. Picture where you want to be in 12 months time. How good do you look? How amazing do you feel?