Remote Coaching

Not close enough to join us for PT but still want to be part of the team? Choose Online Coaching as a remote option to get right on top of your goals.

full support

You have a 24/7 support network to help you along your journey. Whether you're struggling with an exercise or needing a motivational chat, you are not alone!

just as personal

Accountability, training sessions and nutritional guidance are ALL tailored towards YOUR goals and YOUR lifestyle. With easy tracking methods you will know you're on the way up!

find your reason

It's SO important to know why you're doing this. Why you've signed up and why it matters to you. THIS will be the reason you succeed and THIS is what separates us from everyone else.


So, what if we got you more focussed on what you actually want to achieve? 


Get you feeling sharper, lighter and more energised?

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Dan Brady

Form & Function

My coaching programmes are designed to take you through everything you need to make sure you’re super clear on what you want and super clear on how you're going to get there.

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Dan Brady

Form & Function

Online coaching has an Initial Commitment of 3, 6 or 12 months, followed by rolling monthly payments.

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Dan Brady

Form & Function


Dan has been a fantastic support; I've got what I thought was a good base knowledge but Dan takes you back to basics and gets rid of all the confusion about what to do. He is attentive and listens to your goals and sets up a plan that is easy, and surprisingly flexible and unrestrictive. 


The workouts feel targeted to my needs and are varied to encourage progress. I particularly like the 1 on 1 calls we have weekly; Dan checks in and sees how things are going but also pushes for answers in terms of why you're on the journey and what is important to you. This is unlike any other trainer I've had, who would usually just take the "I want to be slimmer" answer to be enough. But not Dan; this is a process of lifestyle changes, not quick fixes and he is so invested in your progress that it's hard not to have that reflected in yourself. 

Charlotte Highcock

The first 4 weeks with Dan have been quite different to what I expected, in a good way! I suppose I thought a 12 week programme would follow your stereotypical “get shredded in 12 weeks type thing” where you would follow a one size fits all approach that goes from extreme to another; awful diet to clean diet, no exercise to loads of exercise type thing but it’s not been that at all. From the first consultation call, Dan programmed my workouts and calorie targets around what I am doing currently and what works for me. I exercise a lot anyway so the first 4 weeks have been all about establishing some good food habits, getting used to tracking my calories and hitting protein targets which I am starting to become more consistent with. On our weekly calls, Dan has explained why he is programming things the way he does, even increasing calories for a few weeks which sounds bizarre but makes complete sense once explained. 

Callum Blair

I started the plan with no expectations at all as I felt I had totally lost my way with fitness and exercise over the years of emotional eating. After a month of coaching I have so far exceeded my own expectations, I now have a better understanding of nutritional foods and  am more mindful with what I choose. I thought I couldn’t fit my steps into my day but with my goal in mind I have done this every single day and added workouts into my morning.. all of this I did not think was possible! Slowly changing my habits and lifestyle for the better.

Roxanne McCormick