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Before I start I want to explain that I am absolutely not here to critique, judge, slate or moan about spas I visit, it doesn’t come naturally to me and I want this to be as authentic as possible. I do however know what makes somewhere the top of its league, the best of the best and love to show them off and recommend them.


My journey so far and a little bit of info to explain why I am ever so slightly qualified to have an opinion on this matter: I have had over 10 years in the beauty industry, worked at spas, luxury 6 star yachts and beauty salons which have given me a great insight into the very best treatments, customer service and standards possible. I have a beautiful beauty salon of my own which I have ran since 2016 with a filled diary from day dot. I am not trying to blow my own trumpet, far from it, but I want you to understand that if you were poorly and wanted health advise you’d visit a GP, if your boiler broke you’d want advice from a plumber, if you needed a hair cut you’d visit the hairdressers…. if you want spa advice, go to the person who has been to the most…. HELLO 🙋🏼‍♀️.


I will put all reviews in order of my faves to my least favourites to make it easy to see which tickles your pickle.


I am no professional, this absolutely won’t be polished and I genuinely believe we grow as people more through constructive criticism than 5 star reviews (although I love those too 😉) but please, if you’d like to help me on this journey then your feedback is appreciated no end.


Tadaaaa ✨


This is my input number 1 into my Spa Blog, firstly can I say THANK YOU for taking the time to read my thoughts. My aim is to help you find the very best places to relax, recharge and spend time with loved ones.


Hi there, I’m Charley, or Charles, whatever you fancy. I am not a writer or going to even pretend to be one, I also have never actually read a blog before so although that’s what I’m calling this, it probably isn’t haha!


I am super passionate about health, beauty and wellness. After burning out many times running my own business and putting my health at risk I am inspired about teaching people how important it is to have a healthy work-life balance and put themselves first.

Finally I get asked ALL the time my advice on treatments and spas so decided to start a little area to share my favourite places to visit.


Basically I am the spa guru, if I am an expert at anything, it is this haha (I have been to more spas than I’ve eaten roast dinners, and that’s saying something!)


Finally if there’s anywhere you would recommend OR want to know more about through a blog rather than taking the plunge right away and booking drop me a dm and I’ll add it to my list!


Thank you again!!

All my love

Charles (the spa addict)